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How to Clean Your Headlights

I tried several different things to clean my headlights. I have a E46 an I love it.  It just needs some cleaning and some loving care. Using the WIPE product was fun it was just very cold that day.  I had access to a buffer as well.  Being in the car business has some perks! LOL!  See my video and let me know what you think about the products you try! I did use some BACK TO BLACK as well on the trim.  You can buy that here…

Keep the Kids Occupied !

The black trim just sets the Alpine White apart.  I love the look!  Replacing the Roudel was just a choice I made over the weekend. I was thinking I loved the antique & warn look of it but then I just had my boyfriend order it and we put it on very easily. If you watch the YouTube to install I hope you decide on the plastic accessory tool.  Don’t use a metal one unless you have a cloth between you the Roundel and your hood metal…don’t scratch it.  Beyond that, it’s very easy to install. If you watch what you buy some of the packages are more expensive because they include new rubber trim that goes and secures the roundel it but you should have one in there. It’s not really a big deal. I purchase a window switch as well!

Fixing Up Your E46 or Any Older BMW? Let us know!


Over the Years

I have learned a great deal.  I use this blog to help others find things quick for their cars, trucks, and suvs.  Let me know what you think, what I can add, what you are interested and what I can add. I would love to hear your comments and remarks, you can email me at  What are some questions you may have about buying, selling, or fixing up your car?  What things do we need to add  to our website for McLarty Nissan of Benton.  I also would love to hear your opinions and suggestions about what you think dealerships should add or take away from their social media.  How does social media effect your shopping, buying, or even researching autos?

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