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We try to make our dealership comfortable, and want you to have the experience like it’s your home…our home is your home! Come by, chat, see, rest, and let us know what we can do to make you feel like “home”!  Thank you to all of our customers, ours service team, our rental specialist, Parts & Service, our management, our receptionists, our cleaning crew, and last but no least- our family of sales representatives!  We are very happy to be together!   Let us know how we can improve your experience here.


Easter has pasted and we now focus on what home means.  What does home mean to you?

Let us know what “home” means to you.


For me – home is where the heart is.  I started her in November 2017 with Cole, Steve, Stacy, Chris, Roger, Andrew, Sierah, Shelly, Andrew, Dylon, Dillon, Tony, Steve, Rose, and many more…Scotty and the crew in the Shop and a great Service team as well, Brad and Jesse in Finance and David and Mark as owners.  I did not know what to expect beings that I have not much experience in volume store sales.  Let me explain, Volume stores typically sell 200+ cars a month, Luxury stores sell 100 or less…which means you have a great deal of time to cultivate a relationship with clients versus in and out.  I did not know if I can could “make it” or “make the cut” for a Nissan store.  So, my General Manager Chris Phares took me aside and reassured me that I “indeed” could make it a “volume” dealership.  This was one of the many steps that established my love for this place.  I am in love with the staff here at McLarty Nissan of Benton and that makes it “home” to me.  My name is Desiree and I don’t sell much but I do love the and breath this dealership.  I want everyone here to feel welcome, loved, and encouraged to do their very best. SO, I do my best to facilitate that in way I can…since social media happens to be my strong skills I hope to use that to propel us and brings us great clients so that they can experience that as well…the “welcome home” feeling! Excuse any miss-spelled words and grammar errors-it’s not my English teacher’s fault . LOL!

We are continually adding to our family…

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