The need for a healthy social network, – this shall be my journey…

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Sam Vaknin Explains Social Media Networks and the Effects…

A Healthier Social Media Network for US ALL

I’ve been researching all of the current social media networks. Some of these no longer work but the ones that are of potential benefit I have listed below. The MASTER list is ever changing… = healthy living = entertainment & style = learn different languages = membership only shopping network = public art forum =  a private global community. Elixio Network connects individuals with a global mindset. (just the “co” not “com”) the creators network =  a home and a community for all kinds of creative folk. = european based smarter trading network = a collaborative in a virtual state = an database for older colleagues

I’m researching Coding/Code Bitocoin and Opensource so that I can learn a way to tweak a platform already created or make and develop a network that would promote healthy interaction and reward peace, charity, and goodwill.

Opensource is amazing and decentralizing the code or security will help. Let me know what your thoughts and suggestions. What do you think would be the best way to create a social network that would help mankind?

a) emotional health

b) physical (esp. -nutritional) health

c) spiritual / emotional health

d) financial health

e) social health

Also to Include:

Society News

  • Politics
  • Educational
  • Cultural
  • Career / Colleagues / Networking
  • Entertainment
  • Personal Growth – above “HEALTH”

SIGN UP FOR THIS – It looks promising

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