The Only Limits You Have Are the Limits You Believe…Even When You Are Down

There Are No Limits

Thank You…

How Do You Tell Someone Thank You for Saving Your Life?

So many of us may be going through rough times right now. Yet, we don’t want to ask or tell our story to others because we just want to deal with it ourselves. Well, I’m here to tell you there are many of us going through some really hard or difficulties and there are GOOD great amazing people out here that can, will, and do help. Above I (had) written about how wonderful it is to have seen the power of confidence. How money isn’t necessarily related to the amount of effort and many times it’s merely related to your confidence and your relationship with money. But here’s what I really want to write about…

I fell hard. Here it is. I got really depressed. Like so far down I didn’t want to go anywhere, stayed inside for days and days, didn’t want to talk to anyone, was so ashamed of where I was in my life, couldn’t eat, couldn’t concentrate, just wanted to give up. As complex and simple as that is… Those details are really not that important. This is where I wish I was a great writer and that my feelings would just lay themselves so beautifully on this page. I lost all my mojo and hope. I wanted to give up. Like disappear forever. If you ever feel like this-letting someone else into your life can actually help. Really. I know what it’s like to want to do it all on your own. You think everyone expects you to take care of “it”-yourself alone. I put too many expectations and requirements on myself and it almost broke me down to a place of no return.

So, I’m going to write this and I hope that my children, family, and friends someday understand that I had to write this for me. I hope it doesn’t embarrass or bring shame to anyone but on the other side of that I truly can’t waste any more time on what others may or may not do…to know anyone’s opinion about my life is irrelevant to me. So, if this helps just one person it’s all worth any shame or embarrassment I would have endure.


This stuff really hurts. I felt sick, sad, useless like I got hit with a Mac truck… It brought me down to my knees. Life is hard. Depression is real. Losing hurts. Getting fired hurts. Losing friends hurts. It totally sucks. Working every day for someone else you don’t respect – made me feel like I was losing a little of my soul. Having to be around toxic people – “crazy” I can deal with – but toxic people or just one toxic person…that can really destroy you. ( Choose Yourself – James Altucher – Get Rid of Toxic People Immediately!) The thought of losing everything, merely losing all my money is hard, having bad credit, and no money is agonizing. Having brain fog to the point you can’t concentrate was infuriating and then I’d get so exhausted trying to study and keep up the facade of wanting to go back to work – I would end up wanting to go lay in bed all day. I didn’t lay in bed I assure you. I’d get even madder at myself for being tired…like really- “what have you done today nothing that produced any money!”. All my life, all I really wanted to do is to help others. You know what -you can’t help others – if you can’t even help yourself. I was pathetic. What kind of person let’s things get this out of control. I have children. (James Altucher can relate in his talks about sometimes they are the only reason he didn’t end it.) I finally have the courage to say it. It’s like I feel our society is so busy judging that no one wants to fix it. Well, we are all going to be affected by these realities sooner or later and I hope we start embracing each other. Help each other with a non-judge-mental mindset and be a listening ear. Listen. Connect. Forgive. Love Yourself. Forgive Yourself.

What Changed?

I had to change. I started watching YouTubes of course how to fix this and how to fix that of me. What is depression, how do you cope with anxiety, how to make it online. Some of this helped. I emailed a person and for some reason that day – I just typed exactly what I meant. I just need some insight, some input, some guidance. Please. Instead of emailing me back this person called me. I was shocked at first because the only people that were calling me at this point were bill collectors and I looked at my phone and thought WOW…I don’t think it’s a bill collector. 🙂 I was thankful. I told this person what and why I needed advice. Do I do this or do I do that? Really, I just wanted to say…how did I let my life end up like this? Like what kind of loser does this? I think we shield ourselves way too much around death…death isn’t bad. Like a failure I have become. Me. Yeah. I just broke down and was so tired of trying to keep everything together. This person said, “Stop.” They simply reminded me of all the good things I had done in my life and directed me by listening to what I had said. I felt heard. I felt like for once someone is actually hearing me. I am so thankful for this,

Thankful for the Positive Vibes:

A person reminded me who I was…all the successes I had accomplished and how I just can’t let someone kick me in the gut and give up. Now. One thing led to another. I got to vent. I got to be heard. I felt so much better. I could look back and see because I closed myself off I haven’t been able to have a chance to help others lately. I love that feeling. Not being at my old job I didn’t have an outlet or an opportunity to help others. A strong and positive impact was when my son came home at night and in the morning – most of my days my happiest parts of the day was spent simply cooking for him because it gave me purpose and he loves it so much.

In the video above it’s the clearest summary of reasons why I was depressed. Johann Hari says it in a way that’s much better. Explains the societal need to connect and help each other, the unbearable amount of stress that comes from financial despair, and the emotional toll that it can take on us. I don’t take medications. I researched BioHacking because I remember not too long about my brain was very brilliant and the brain fog is just annoying and frustrating. I cut out sugar out my diet and that help actually more than I thought it ever would. Everyone is different. There’s no perfect fix or one package for all of us. Helping others was huge for me.

How Do I Tell Someone Thank You for Saving Me?

This person talked to me and gave me hope literally, emotionally, and spiritually. How do you express to that person that you are forever thankful for them? What words could I ever tell that person how much I am thankful for them talking me out of the pit? Like where is the Hallmark card for that? I find it very hard to come up with the words I can ues to express to this person what a huge impact they had on me and thank you for saving me, thank you for guiding me. I want it to be like a Shakespearian sonnet with great words and a powerful movement like Dr. King’s sermon…but I want this person to know that they forever changed my life. That when I get sad and have horrible thoughts that I think of them and the hope that they gave me and I re-direct. It’s so powerful. I hope this person can pull from this how amazingly great they are…and how I wish my writing could even come close to telling them how much I appreciate them for their kindness and that I will not ever forget them. – No words are enough. Thank you for RPJ for your kindness, your belief in me, and all the many ways you have helped me; spiritually, emotionally, financially, and career-wise! Thank you JM, JG, and TG TH…for all the encouragement! I appreciate you all for everything – you may not know it but I can never forget it and I’m so thankful for you!!

Limitless It Is Possible

I hope this helps you in some way. I wish you the very very best in everything. If you ever feel depressed or get down…talk to someone. You’d be amazed by how it may help you. Don’t think you have to solve everything by yourself. We are all human. We are communal, and we can help each other more than we may know, and always invest in yourself-read, learn, watch a tutorial…new things in your life can help! You are lovely. I hope your next step helps you achieve or get the motivation to find..freedom, love, happiness, thankfulness, and enjoyment as they all play hand in hand. There is plenty. If you ever feel depressed, get depressed, or feel hopeless: —
Love you thank you. You are worth it. You are not alone. You can do anything. The only limits you have are the limits you believe…


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I hope you find Self-Awareness, be kind to your self, self-love -love yourself first. Self-care is so important for everyone. The happier you are the happier everyone will be around you. Love Yourself More…


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