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What is Milia ? What are Those White Bumps?

Milia – Those White Bumps on My Face?

It’s #milia milia is a clog of the eccrine sweat gland. Keratin-filled cyst that appear on your skin in the facial, neck, and chest area. What causes it is truly unknown. It could be a combination of clogged pores, heridarty, or environmental and dietary. What’s imporatant is how to prevent and fix the current milia. Diet and water intake are helpful for so many other benefits so that is a very consideration.

Here are several opinions by those who specialize in skin care and dermatology. This is dear to my heart because I realize my skin conidition has kept me inside my house because I’ve been embarassed with my face. It covers every part of my face now and I have worked a great deal on my self-confidence to prevent my focusing on it. I’ve turned down jobs where I believe that I could be very successful but I had the belief my skin conidtion would prevent my success. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t get my self worth from my looks. My self-worth comes from my knowledge, ability to help others, and self love. As in business, I didn’t think I could endorse products that don’t work for me. There are many in the skin care buisness and I wanted to join but I can’t sell something I don’t believe in…and there was no reason for me to believe that any topical or internal remedy exists to clear my skin. So, I am glad to find all of this research of different methods that have help others. Make your own choices and whatever works for you may not work for the masses and that’s quite okay! I’ve had the same experiences – drinking water, eliminating sugar, and resting (days of sleep) have helped. I still have a long way to go to clear my skin and better all around health.

NO-evasive Treatments for Milia

“”So I’m sharing some tips that have really helped me treat some recent milia growth. They disappeared faster than I’ve ever experienced. If you are not sure what you have is milia please find out from a dermatologist or licensed esthetician. These are just treatments and practices that have helped me through the experience without resorting to extraction.

For more immediate results, again, go to the professionals! “- Gothamista

I’d have to agree if you can’t find remedy to clean the dead skin – than seek professional help. See below for the dermitoligist opions—

● ✿ → Products Mentioned ← ✿ ● The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

Milia - Examples of White Skin Bumps on Face

Neogen Real Cica Pads*

Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum

BeautyRx Gentle Exfoliating Eye Cream

Skin + Pharmacy Retinol Eye Cream

Professional Opinion on Milia

Visiting the Dermatologist may not be an option for us all. It’s not for me. So, research things that are less evasive and “fit within a budget”! 🙂

Helpful Tips from a Dermatologist

Things that Contribute to Milia:

  • Hereditary
  • Diet
  • Cleaning Skin Regime
  • Clogged Pores / Cholesterol Pockets
  • Skin Damage

But they don’t really know why they happen. Skin care practices can encourage even more! So, it’s very important to try different things that help remove keratin blockage in your skin. It’s increasing. Look at your makeups you are using…however, I don’t actually wear any makeup and it seems to get even more prevelant. It’s more like an allergic and itchy areas. Simple skin care is great as well. I’ve removed mine with sterilized needles but they do come right back.

General Overall Skin Care Tips

Above is the American Academy of Dermatology – Association Excellence in Mediccal Dermatology & Dermatopathology. 10 skin care secrets from the experts.

  1. Apply sunscreen every day.
  2. Don’t smoke.
  3. Check for skin cancer.
  4. Use a self-tanner instead.
  5. Use skin care that match you.
  6. Resist the urge to SCRUB.
  7. Wash your face when you wake, before bed, and after sweating.
  8. Gently wash your face.
  9. Stress less- like that’s something so simple lol. It can be!
  10. See a dermatologist – of course this is on their list.

Organic Remedies

These include lemon, hyrdogen peroxide, and apple cider vinegar recipes. I foun this interesting…and inexpensive.

If you try it let me know what you think. If you don’t like it you can always return to Amazon. I’m trying ACV and other remedies. This is next! Even More from AMAZON:

This is more in detail in their article. Worth the read! Love the Skin You’re In!

I hope these articles and YouTube help you! I’ve done a lot of self-work and I hope this blog helps you in some way! Love you! Thank you for reading!

I do not make any profit on this blog with the affiliate links. At some point if I do I will disclose it. I just want you to be aware I use these links to hopefully pay for the maintenance and hosting for this blog. Thank you for visiting!

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