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life hacks


  • Today is a New Day – Be Thankful
  • Keep it Simple
  • The older you are the more you need to read the instructions
  • Be thankful and said it out loud
  • NEVER speak when you’re angry
  • If you take it personally, (don’t take it personally) – remember – we tend to project our insecurities on others
  • Don’t tolerate meanies,bullies, or abuse
  • IT can BE better but it’s 100% your ability to think it so…
  • Never apologize for being your true self
  • Don’t eat too much cake
  • NEVER fill your emotional gaps with a Relationship
  • If you get the chance to TRAVEL…do IT!
  • What you care about should never change, even if you win the Lottery
  • I’m for the under-dog.
  • REVENGE is best served cold…learn from the hurt instead and let it go.
  • Document,document, and document 😊
  • We were meant to help each other
  • READ books

Above are some things I’ve learned over the years!  I hope you enjoy them!  I decided to use the check mark thingy to signify things I have done – but when I put them in wordpress I can’t seem to change them. SO, read them as if they stated with a little check mark in front of each one. (Not a huge fan of this new editor but I’ll progress! ) These are just my thoughts and things I’ve learned. If you can learn from someone else’s mistake without having to go through it yourself then – great!  I learn like most, I had to go through before it made sense.  I see quotes all the time, some of them inspire me, intrigue me, confuse me, or piss me off…but I hope these quotes actually help someone. Each has a very special story and meaning and someday I hope to share soon!


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