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Why Is IT SO Important To Continually Learn NEW Things? Learn Something New

  • Builds Self-Confidence
  • Expands Your Horizons / Opens Opportunities You May Not Have Seen Before
  • Keeps Your Brain Working
  • Challenges You
  • Forces You To Problem Solve
  • It’s Freakin Cool

Builds Your Self-Confidence

Okay, so you’re probably wondering where I’ve been. And if so, I’ve been locked in my apartment studying…and NO it doesn’t come naturally for this Asian (on the outside Southern raise American). IN FACT, it was next to impossible. I couldn’t concentrate, retain, or focus even though I had everything right in front of me. I had the time-which I am very appreciative for -because before I could never seem to find the “time” to do anything just for me. I had the computer, the course material, and tons of notes. BUT- MY MIND wouldn’t focus! I kept taking the practice exams and screaming inside “What am I doing???!!” Learning new things is HARD. I think the older we get maybe even harder…No. I’m not an ole’ dog lol! My birthday is Friday. This brings me to say—–PLEASE everyone!

LEARN new THINGS! It builds up your confidence. IT WAS amazing how sad and horrible I began to feel over the last couple of months. Learning something new and being challenged changed my perspective. Even with “brain fog” we can improve ourselves. (Diet helped with this! -cut out sugar) It’s mostly the crazy negative things we say to ourselves that prevent us from even trying! If you have this here’s a YouTube that may help you tremendously: MY CONFINDENCE GREW and who couldn’t use a good dose of that?


Here’s her Book and Journal

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Opens Your Eyes

When you are brave enough to challenge yourself to learn something new you FIND things inevitably you would never have seen before…it just works that way. You find more subjects, you find new things you may like, you see new people, you start looking at things from a bigger perspective…trust me here- it hurts, it is hard, it is tedious, it is time-consuming…but all of us are going to die-not all of us truly live…so BEG you…sit down. Look at things you have always wanted to be good at, or things you’ve always wanted to know more about, or maybe something you are just merely curious about. This blog is not for those who do nothing. It just isn’t. So, if you are reading it you obviously have some time and you take RISKS…lol. Your time is precious fill it with something that will open your eyes. Learn something new.

Keep Your Brain Working

Here are some reasons to work your brain by reading…and learning. If you read you will learn. They say it better:


When You Learn – USE This to Help You Problem Solve

I used this part. The entire series is great by Ray Dalio. On my Pinterest or on the previous page you can buy the entire book…if you want…if you don’t watch this:


When you are studying this can help so much. You will have problems but they are workable. They are…and you can streamline for any problem. Okay that may be a little abstract unless you watch all of them so here…


It Is Freaking Cool!

It is so. #cool

Life and Health I passed today!

So Today I Passed Another Exam – Finally! Yay! #thankyou – Just What Sparked Todays’ Blog. SMILE big!

So you’re probably wondering how does passing an exam relate to WHY you should learn more – Well if I could transfer this wonderful feeling I have right now to you I would! Thank you NYL team and Brandon at the Arkansas Department of Insurance! It’s the best feeling I’ve had in a long time. I wish I could share it with you so instead I write this to encourage you to expand your mind. If we don’t use we do lose it. Some of us have been there too. LOL! I want everyone to experience the great high you can get from accomplishing something that takes you out of your comfort zone no matter what your age – I hope I’m still learning and taking classes when I’m 100+++. So if you don’t do anything new today but survive okay. Good job. But if you want something that will boost your day and your life- Learn. Learn something new. Something you never thought you’d have time to. Read a book. Watch TedX and then have accountability. Have a way to measure it, so that you can gage and congratulate yourself. That will inevitably help you. Thank you for reading.

I hope you enjoy love in any capacity!


As always, thank you so much for reading and following!


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