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I’ve been lucky enough to have some reflection time and find out what things I would like to focus on.  The importance of having something you like to research and become knowledgeable can really help improve your life.  After watching and reading so much about how horrible processed food and quick fast food is to us all I began to realize the importance of  learning how to grow a garden.  Not only for food purposes but watching something grow from a seed to beautiful flower or food is freaking amazing and rewarding.  As this is only the very beginning of my journey, I hope you will find subjects that interest and peak your curiosity as well!

Here are a couple of videos I have found that have great tips on starter plants to picks, gardening indoor gadgets, and restful plants that can help you become full circle in your path to become a better version of yourself for yourself.  Mentally, Physically, Psychologically,  Financially, Spiritually, I strive to become a better person at each one of these so that I can give back to society and help others.   I have to find what works best for me. This is a process.  Reading great books, learning new ideas, and trying new things are a great part of the process.

Thank you for following me on the beginning stages of my journey. Please feel free to comment and let me know what things and tips you have found, what things that surprise you, and the impact it has had on your life.  

 “We all die…not every man/women truly lives…”





Great Tips for Picking Out Plants for Your Home!



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