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Get A Fresh Start

Get A Fresh Start to Your Day! Here some things that have been happening that led me to start posting “health” and “life” hacks on Pinterest. I have been sick for about 5 months and before Christmas I knew I was going to have to do something. Everyone is busy in the world today. I don’t know how we find time to take care of ourselves but we must make it a priority! I had a great deal of pain, couldn’t concentrate, horrible short term memory, and a great deal of anxiety. Being let “go” at work help with a great deal of the stress, but STOP eating – short fasting and staying all sugars help me improve my concentration, anxiety, and memory.

I started watching tons of YouTube and read many articles. My attention span is that great so that’s why I blog very short- I won’t get good SEO but I’m not blogging for that reason anyway. I’m not a scientist or a theologian. I didn’t even graduate from college. BUT, what did to is go through this…and these blogs will show you what I have found that works for me.

What I do in this blog is post little things here and there that may help you improve your life a little. Everyone is unique and not all are going to “fix” or “healed” by and with the same things. Just like we don’t all learn the same way. This is therapeutic for me and I hope a tip here and there helps they person who reads this. Thank you so much and let me know what works and if you have any tips.

Coconut Oil- I used in my (NO SUGAR or CREAMER) coffee with honey. I’ve been drinking it for a month and I don’t need caffeine pills and my jitters-shaking has gone. I use coconut oil on my feet, hands, legs, in my hair weekly. I don’t ingest tons of oil or roll up unsalted butter in my coffee but am impress with BULLET PROOF guy -David Asprey- because he’s funny and had the same systems before he came upon the yak. (google: or see my “BioHacking” 

Here is a link to Coconut Oil – I love amazon’s customer service BTW!

Here is some organic lip balm I used when fasting. You must remember to drink a great deal of liquids – I drank water and lemon and sometime honey. CUTTING out sugar made me not get hunger as weird as that sounds. I didn’t have food cravings. Anyways, here’s the organic beeswax lip balm –

Organic Beeswax Lip Balms

Well both of these I found value in…and I hope you will enjoy your journey improving yourself as well. There’s great fun in learning. Thank you for reading and as always thank you for reading this!

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