David Surguine is a Pro at These Golf Videos 🙂

David Surguine at his McLarty Ford Dealership

David Surguine

The Golf Commercial for McLarty Nissan of Benton

I first met David Surguine at a meeting when we opened the Benton McLarty Nissan Dealership in November. He led with a great prayer and yes, I said “prayer”. I was very moved by his motivational speech. I liked it when he asked if each and every single member of the team would be willing to speak about themselves to the group. Ya, I don’t like speaking much in front of people but it was the kindness, the attentiveness, and the sincerity I felt as he spoke with each one of us and thanked us for being a part of such a innovative dealership that made me not as nervous.  Never before, has this dealership been…it was from the ground up a brand new concept here. NO customers to start with, no database, no history…just all brand new.

I’m not the best at writing but I feel there’s a purpose here. I was lucky enough to go to an opening at the Downtown Benton Market and afterwards, he took Chris and I to lunch.  I always get nervous eating in front of people I don’t know…but oddly, I didn’t feel that.  I was greeted with a great smile and stories of his family and how much he enjoys exercising with them.  He then leaned his down and said do you mind if we “pray”.  I’m like absolutely fine with that!   Typically, I would shy away with speaking about politics or religion but for some reason, and I know why…I believe my father would be really proud of me for working for such an nice, kind hearted, and dedicated man.  And yes, I am shying away from the religious part only to say that I believe everyone is entitled to believe and practice what they want and I have mad respect for anyone who stands for purpose they believe and are passionate about.  Forget the flowery words and long titles, I really got a good feeling from the very beginning of meeting this man.  David. Surguine.  He’s a pretty cool guy.

Don’t Take it From Me

Take it for yourself. If you are in the area, come by, and if he’s here he will typically offer you a Mclarty hat and tell you we do the 110% Price Match Guarantee.  He has been featured on some YouTubes but not enough or as many as he should just merely for his inspirational speeches.  On his LinkedIn profile you will find, “I am an intense and driven individual that finds a way to win. As a leader it is my responsibility to helpothers reach their goals and improve their quality of life. I take this very seriously. My success can only be measured by the success of others around me.” I found an article about him in the Bayou Life Magazine 2015 edition.

But basically, if you google him you can’t find much.  Which I find to be quite sad.  Why is that?  Because.  He is a traditional business man.  There’s nothing wrong with being a true hearted, stick to your guns, stand for what you believe kind of guy.  I choose to work for him because I believe in the message.  If you are reading this, you should find out for yourself. Don’t believe the hype regardless if it is on social media and on any platform. Use your selective mind to make that decision.  There are tons and I mean tons of places I could work at and people I could work for…but I make it to work everyday and stay late working on articles like this because I believe in this message.  You can run a successful dealership and or many dealerships and still maintain….integrity.  I look at this way, I worked several years and many more years to build my reputation in the car business. It’s not worth risking or losing my integrity.  So, for me…I’m very happy and proud to be a member of his team.  Come by our dealership anytime.  YOU are always welcome!  #Welcomehome #lovelife And yes, please someone help me edit this stuff. I shouldn’t be left alone :). #adopted

David Surguine McLarty Nissan McLarty Ford

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