You Don’t Need Social Media – Cal Newport


Do you feel like you are connected online yet more and more disconnected from life? Do you have anxiety? Were you happier before Social Media? Have you felt helpless or hopeless without your phone? The YouTube with Cal explains all of this.

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It May Help to Disconnect

We are fortunate to have easy access to everything. With that comes a price. Thankful for the access to online information and resources like the content above…on the flip side, it’s a bit scary the effects it has on my personal experiences. Cal points out the value of taking a walk – for me, it’s driving- I have the meditation and solid thinking time when I drive…whatever it is for you – if you have that place you can think of one thought and relax – it’s life-changing. Meditation is pivotal. Our dependency on digital/online access / social media is scary. Social media’s successful spikes from socially destructive algorithms is a lot like like the sugar industry and obesity. Total disregard for social well being. Just in the last 6 months, I’ve experienced huge effects of both. Social Media and the disconnection of it – can increase our chances of a healthier society. Can the moderation of social media and digital connection help us all mentally, socially, spiritually, concentration and brain performance-HEALTH? Disconnect. Try it. I did and helped me. It helped me focus on what really matters to me and forced me to chill. Which both I’m very thankful for…so good luck and let me know if you do disconnect and what your thoughts about the results in the comments.

Here’s Sam Vankin as he explains the algorithms. I share this in hopes to bring awareness. Knowing these things…can help us structure our lives and our daily activities to achieve a better wellbeing, mental health, social health, relationships, and so much more…learn to detox and take a break from digital, online, and social media exposure.

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Truth be Told Your Magic is Within

Truly. Everything you need to fix you is within you. If you get discouraged with the effects of social media and continually find yourself being tied to the digital world – the good thing is everything that is needed to fix it is within your control.

Your Magic Is Within You

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I hope you find Self-Awareness, be kind to your self, self love -love yourself first. Self-care is so important for everyone. The happier you are the happier everyone will be around you. Love Yourself More…

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