This is my personal favorite! It’s free and easy to download!

What “how-to code” should YOU use?

There are tons of resources out on the web to learn how-to-code. There applications, software, sites, and of course formal training and universities…but who has time to go through all of that? Do you love code? Always wondered what those hieroglyphics you see mean? Building a website for the first time? Whatever you reason for landing here I can assure I like my material short and sweet…and preferably #free or low cost initially.

If you like to try new things and how-to learn code out of all the sites below I have found SOLO my personal favorite. It’s easy to use but I also combine it with YOUTUBE resources. This is the very fist one that was for beginners that really helped me understand.

The Best Intro to Coding HTML for Webpages

How-to learn code sites, training, & improving your skills…

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Don´t worry, I´ve got you covered. This article is about the best sites (mostly free) that teach you how to code. For entire article see

This article is divided in 3 parts:

  • The first one is about sites that teach you with enormous tutorials.
  • The second one is about university grade courses which cover basics but also more advanced topics very in depth.
  • The last one is more about improving your skills, if you got the basics. Some of them are even on a competitive level.

1. Starting off

The Odin Project Website

The Odin Project

One of the best sites to start is, in my opinion: The Odin Project.

Free Code Camp Website

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is also a great site.

Rails Tutorial Website

Next up is a book written by Michael Hartl. You can buy the hard cover version, or get it online for free.

Codecademy Website


At Codecademy you can learn nearly everything: Data Science, Computer Science, and Web Development. You even learn how to use the terminal on Unix operating systems.

2. University grade learning

edX Website


edX is an open source higher learning community that works together with well known universities, like Harvard or the MIT.

OpenCoursware MIT Website

MIT OpenCoursware

Keep in mind, that this material is tough and needs a lot of discipline. Just like real university courses.

Hack.pledge() Website


hack.pledge() is a movement for programmers world wide. The goal is to connect people to mentor each other.

3. Coding Challenges (Katas)

In this category, there are just minor differences. Their goal is to give you tasks to improve your coding skills.

HackerRank Website


HackerRank has some interesting features. The platform offers direct hiring options for example.


CoderByte is a site where you can solve algebraic challenges. Like reversing strings or calculating factorials. You get points for speed and correct cases. There is also a ladder for every challenge and you can even view other people’s solutions

Project Euler

Project Euler is mainly an archive of mathematical problems.


CodeChef is the first one that has real competition. You can compete in hackathons and challenges in a fixed time frame.


CodeWars is one of the sites that include gamification. For every solved problem, you get points and can rank up. They have user created Katas in different languages. Challenges are sorted in categories, so you can pick what you like.


CodinGame is a really awesome site, as they take a different approach.

4. Conclusion

There are a lot of sites that will teach you coding from the ground up and all of them do a great job, but in the end it is your mindset that matters. Find a way to learn effectively and that suits your preferences best. Some like doing video guides, some prefer a giant tome that covers one thing, and some like online guides.

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Other Useful Sites I found to Learn Coding


Solo is my personal favorite:

There are great resources out there and these are the best I have found so far. KNOWING what YOUR end goal is VERY important as well. Once you know that find the code that meets your needs. If you have your favorites please comment and share below. Thank you!

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