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What I’ve Been Doing Online:

I’ve been spending the last couple of months re-evaluating my life in detail…(went through a spell of depression – disappeared and then kicked myself in the butt and remembered who I am… lol). I know that there are tons -millions of us out here wanting to know how to make money online. Money and its relationship with myself – I’ll cover at a later date… But it was important to me to find a good relationship with money.

Learning something new maybe scary but it is so worth it…

But, let’s face it. What good is it to know tons about social media and how to make businesses money – if I don’t know how to make it a profitable for ME? I never thought about it like that before. Social media to me was a bridge – a way to get to a place through pictures and travel experiences to the audience (because I’m shy – it seemed like the path of least resistance). I didn’t know how to make myself money. #money #makemoneyonline THOUSANDS of searches a day about “how to make money online”I use  -you can download this and at it to your tool bar. It’s real time search volumes and #free.

Why not make money online…

I’ve always wanted to make money for myself online… so here is part of my journey. I hope it helps someone avoid the pitfalls that I made and inspires others to do the same. I do NOT know anything about truly making money online for myself. I have been an affiliate on amazon for several years but never actually sold something. We see all the people who do make it with online sales…I’m going to show you how to now make it. – things to avoid. Affiliate marketing just made sense out of all the other things you can do because it was under $100 to start and I thought there’s no overhead or products I have to ship…etc.

Rule No. 1 = It takes money to make money.

It does take money. But a lot less than you think. It takes more dedication persistence and working efficiently to save you money. You can start with below… (now this info is geared to affiliate marketing because that’s what I’m passionate about- You should pick what you prefer and the google or youtube research the best practices). But it is going to take a little of investment to get a quicker return. Don’t believe the make money now with nothing…you will get very limit resources so know right now if there is a product online touting about #free you will probably have to pay for the part of software or service you “actually” need. The trial just offer a scaled down version or a diluted version. You gotta pay.

In fact here are a bunch of sites…I’ll go over.

Start here.

  • WordPress – Publishing tool. – FREE – but if you pay $300 you get yoast and online chat assistance that is pivotal if you are brand new…
  • Facebook – Social media platform. – JOIN groups so you can use marketing strategies geared toward your specific niche.
  • YouTube – Video platform. – Really record anything but make sure it’s CC-closed caption.
  • Twitter – Social media platform. (this video has bad sound but it’s a good video. Avoid videos that promote things too good to be true because they are a waste of time. Anything that sounds too good to be true….IS. This guy has great tips.   
  • GoDaddy – Web hosting. – I paid $9 for my site forever…bought in 2004. All sites are based on current potential to earn- so you try different words or names but typically the shorter or easier to remember the better.
  • NameCheap – Web hosting. Same this as above…just different vendor.
  • HostGator – Web hosting. I used this if you want to actually tranact business. I thought it was hard to use so don’t let the cute gator fool ya. You can do it!
  • BlueHost – Web hosting. – Heard great things about them and their products
  • Elegant Themes – WordPress themes. I pick out several…these are the bomb.
  • Theme Forest – WordPress themes.
  • Woocommerce – eCommerce platform that works with WordPress. – easy just a plugin you can download if you get wordpress.
  • Aweber – Email marketing.
  • GetResponse – Email marketing.
  • iContact – Email marketing.

Email and Click Funnels = follow up

Now the email marketing is very important and I currently researching what to use for the best solution but I’m looking at a email and click funnel combined – you have to follow up with the leads you get…they will buy eventually. A lot of your traffic may if you have a good follow up. From the car business…follow up follow up and you will beat your competitors that are here just to make a quick buck! #followup

Don’t get discouraged.

Working At Home Rocks

It’s normal for our brains to tell us – You can’t do this you can’t teach a dog new tricks blah blah…don’t fall for that.

Just pick some people you like how they talk or their style and watch a little each day. Don’t get overwhelmed. I watch this to help put all together. I am really liking this:  but I’ll let you know what I find out!

Social Media Management Software to Make it Stream-lined

Starting off – I would only use hootsuite and tailwind and then if you have multiple pages and accounts…you can —

I’m here to HELP

I love to help- so if you have any questions – hit me up! Leave comments below. I’m learning this too! So, there are no silly questions!

OH AND YES- I’m horrible at spelling and grammar so use this: #free this is a great tool for any writing you’re going to be doing online.

As always, thank you so much for reading and following!

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