broke to hope

How to Break the Broke Single Mom

Broke to Hope – How-To Break the Cycle

Yes, HOW we think about MONEY can Change our Reality. I lost my job recently and have been here too many times. I set some money back, but it just isn’t enough. We’ve been trained to work forever…at least that was what I was taught. Yes, you have skills and so do I. BUT, how do we channel them into something that can get us to a place of financial peace? Don’t know…neither did I until now.

I’m learning when it comes to writing so I thought I’d dive into my blogging and learn from the best. I add videos, links, and writing from others because they are experience and have a great perspective…so I share them with you and save you time from surfing the web a little. 🙂

Here are a couple of links on how YOU can change your MONEY THINKING. We need to have a good thinking process when it comes to money and that is something that wasn’t taught to me earlier on in life at all. So, let’s dive in…

After you come up with your main goals, I have 5 (i.e. Personal Health and Growth, Son, Career, Giving Back, Travel…) then set aside a time in the morning to reflect on what you are thankful for, what you did right – your growth, and what you are going to do today to improve and to get closer to your goals. (And make sure – because if you are like me many of don’t give ourselves “thank you and at-a-girl” kuddos for doing all we do! Do that! Pat yourself for the selfless times you have helped others and do what you do!)

Don’t think for a minute that any of this is easy. It is not, but YOU have the courage to learn something new and improve in areas you need all while managing what can sometimes seem to be a very hectic and chaotic life -it’s NOT easy. But, you can do it. You can. – You can. It’s sooooooo rewarding!

If you’d like to share your story please do or leave comments! Thank you so much and have an wonderful day! #mindset

Here are some more great JUST MONEY links:

GREAT INFO  HOW-TO not be in that rut- Make Money

Make the Right Moves

Let me know your questions and how I can help you!


Laugh a lot, don’t let anyone take away your happiness, you are wonderful and deserve the very best!

Thank you for reading my blog, if you have one as well- please share!

Desiree Lovell

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