(all information contained herein is from Bimmer Post and not BMW of LITTLE ROCK)


Here is a list of common status codes and their meanings:
0 Order deleted by NA
17 Order not Specified
37 Order is at BMW NA
87 Production Week Assigned
97 Order sent to AG
100 Order deleted by AG
101 Error in data transmitted
102 Special Order (no Prod Week)
105 Order out of Prod. Period
111 Order Accepted at AG
112 Order scheduled for Production
**** Up to this point you can still make changes to the car such as options, colors, etc. However, once the car goes to status 150, you cannot make any changes since the car is now in production!
150 Production Started
151 Body Shop Started
152 Paint Shop Started
153 Assembly Started
155 Production Completed
160 Released to Distribution
168 AG Stock
170 Waiting Workshop
172 Planned for Workshop
174 Workshop Entry
176 Workshop Complete
180 Waiting for Export Dispatch
181 Waiting for Domestic Dispatch
182 Schedule for Carrier
190 In transit to port of exit
191 Returned to BMW AG
193 Arrived at Port of Exit
194 Selected for Shipment
195 Shipped from Port of Exit
196 Shipment Arrival at destination port?General Timeline of Events

The first thing I want to mention is that the start time of your car being built is completely determined by the build week attached to your allocation. It doesn’t matter when you placed the order! BMW dealers can request an earlier production week, but I have yet to see any requests granted in that regard so far. Also of special note, Individual options (such as special interior color or paint color) will always delay your build by weeks or even months, so be prepared. Please note that the timeline below is for US delivery Priority 1 vehicles. ED vehicles may see additional delays at port/vpc.

The second thing I want to mention is that your build week is actually the week your car is scheduled to FINISH production. So, it should start production a week or two before the build week.

Lastly, the timelines below are general, if everything goes as planned. There could always be delays if you get stuck in customs, or if your vehicle had some damage during shipping (repaired at VPC), etc.

-Build start (150) to build finish (155): 1-2 weeks.
-Build finish (155) to Scheduled for Carrier (182): 1 day.
-Status 182 to 190 (on a train to bremerhaven):1-3 days.
-Status 190 to 193 (at port awaiting a ship): 1-2 days.
-Status 193 to 195 (on a ship): 3-5 days for east coast delivery, 5-12 days for west coast delivery (more detail on this later)
-Shipping time from Bremerhaven to East Coast: 12-17 days depending on the number of stops.
-Shipping time from Bremerhaven to West Coast: About 30 days.
-Offload at port: 1 day
-Processing through customs: 1-2 days
-Process through BMW Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) and onto a carrier: 2-5 days.
-Shipping time on carrier to Dealership: 1-4 days.

Production Plant to Bremerhaven

BMW M3 and M4 convertible are made in Regensburg, while the M4 is made in Munich. (see screenshot)

After production the cars are put onto a train and take a ride on up to Bremerhaven, Germany. Bremerhaven is a major port, not just for BMWs but also other auto manufacturers and shipping. Once at Bremerhaven, the cars sit in huge parking lots waiting for their ship. When it comes time to board the ship, specially trained drivers will drive the cars onto the ship, where they are tied down and secured. BMW ships on what are known as RORO carriers (Roll on/Roll off).

There is a web cam at Bremerhaven, and in fact when the BMWs show up on the train, you can often see the train sitting there. The second camera is the Bremerhaven Webcam:

Here is a picture of a car train. I joked around that the car circled in blue was mine.

Here is a satellite image of Bremerhaven, with the above webcam position circled in blue.

Video of a BMW train on the way to Bremerhaven

A quick note about west coast vs east coast bound vehicles. The East Coast tends to see more ships, so the wait time at status 193 at the port is generally 3-5 days. However, west coast bound vehicles do not have as many ships that deliver there, so the average wait at port (status 193) is longer, around 5-12 days.

Determining Which Ship You’re On

Up until now, you have been getting updates from BMW Genius that are generally within the last 24 hours accurate. But this is where the updates slow down. To start, you will not know your car is on a ship until about 2 days AFTER it’s already been put onto a ship and left the dock. The most common carrier used for BMW is Wallenius and Wilhelmsen, with Kline and NYK a close second. Below is a link to the various shipping companies BMW uses and their shipping schedules or search pages. Here you can play for hours, searching the possible ships your car will be on based upon the destination port and shipping date, etc.…nableCheck.nyk…ppSchedules%2F…asp?S=NAEU&D=W…g_Schedule.pdf

About 2 days after you are on a ship that has left port, BMW Genius can also provide the name of the ship and estimated date of arrival at your port of destination.

However, if your car ends up on a WW boat (Wallenius Wilhemlsen), your VIN will show up in their search page about 2 days after your car has left the dock. Simply go here and enter your VIN into the Cargo ID field. Remember if you end up on a ship that is NOT with WW, it won’t ever show up on the WW tracking page.…uickSearchPage

Here is a screenshot of what it looked like for me, and is also how I found out my car was on a ship.

Once you know which ship you’re on, you can use the links above to look up the ship schedule with the carrier, and see what ports it will be going to and when.

**Special note about ED: When you dropped your car off they should have been able to give you some information including possible shipping schedules or a special phone number to call and find out which ship you’ll be on.

Tracking the Ship

There are several sites you can use to track a ship by name, or look at port schedules. For “free” tracking, I found to be the best. Here is a screenshot of Bremerhaven from marinetraffic with the BMW port circled in blue.

Simply search for your ship on the marinetraffic site and you can get status so long as the ship is relatively close to land. Once the ship leaves the main areas near land and heads into the open ocean, it is only possible to track via Satellite. For this, you can sign up for a 14 day free trial on FleetMon. To do this, go here and upgrade to the Unlimited Sat 15 plan. You will have to enter your credit card or paypal but they DO NOT charge you for it, so long as you cancel before the 14 day trial ends. You can actually sign up for it and then cancel it an hour later and still get the 14 days. To cancel, go here

Once you have signed up for the trial, you need to add ships to your fleet that you want to track. To do this, search for the ship by name, click to add to your fleet and check the box for satellite tracking. Below is an example of the “my fleet” page I was using to track all the september build ships in our thread.

You can also check for port schedules to see your ship’s estimated time of arrival as it gets closer. To do this go to Marine Traffic and search for the port city name, click on it, then on the left side click on “expected arrivals” tab. Then click “show all” at the bottom and you can see all scheduled arrivals along with estimated arrival (not always available).

If you don’t want to sign up for the trial, there is a free site that you can get occasional updates on position, but they can be a couple days behind.

You can also check out the site and search for your ship. You might see recent pictures of port stops your ship made along the way while your car was on it. In fact, here is a picture of the ship my car was on in Bremerhaven the day it would have been loading up my car.…hp?lid=2329763

Lastly, if you have a west coast bound vehicle, you can watch your ship go through the Panama Canals with these web cams.

Here is the Mignon going through the Gatun locks on the webcam. I took each 1 minute screenshot and compiled them into a moving image.

Arrival and Processing at Port of Entry/US

Once your ship arrives with your car, specially trained drivers once again drive the cars off of the ship. They are then driven to a large parking lot for staging and processing through customs. If you have a car shipped via WWL you will be able to see status update on the tracking site using your VIN to see when your car clears customs.

After clearing customs, the car will be at a staging parking lot/area. At this point as far as BMW knows, the car still is “shipping” and you won’t get any update until AFTER your car gets to the VPC. Priority 1 cars (customer sold, US delivery) are bumped to the front of the line and processed first. It will usually take 2-4 days to get through the VPC. If you did ED, this process can take longer. Your car may be at customs longer before it shows up at the VPC.

Here is a screenshot showing my car’s processing through VPC. My car was offloaded on 10/3 but did not get through customs until 10/5. Fortunately my car was immediately brought to VPC 10/5 to start processing, but this isn’t always the case. Then you can see 10/7 the final work was done and then released to carrier. Once the car shows as released to carrier, this means it is ready to be picked up by the carrier or is with the carrier. There isn’t really much you can determine at this point, unless your carrier has a tracking system.

While at the VPC they wash the car, inspect and repair any damage, and then get the car scheduled with a carrier who will deliver the car to the dealership, usually on a car carrier truck. If there is any extensive damage it will be reported to the dealership.

As an example, here is a satellite image of the VPC in New Jersey.

Here is an article (it’s old) that details what happens at the VPC.

Once your car is processed, it will be loaded onto a carrier. There are a few that BMW uses. One of the most common right now is United Road. You can search for your VIN here if you want. But BMW Genius will be able to tell you what carrier you are on and the estimated date of arrival to your dealer!


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