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Defining a New Division

1985: Company Evolution

An elite group forms quietly within Nissan. Its purpose: to build a new division of performance luxury vehicles. One that would challenge the prevailing American and European luxury brands with more human-centric design.

A Name Is Chosen

A Name Is Chosen

1987: Company Evolution

Like that, INFINITI is born. With this development, a feeling of forward movement takes hold. To embody it, a badge is designed depicting two central lines stretching into the horizon.

World, Meet INFINITI

World, Meet INFINITI

1989: Company Evolution

INFINITI launches with 51 dealers in the United States. There are 2 available models: the spacious yet powerful Q45 sedan and the performance-oriented M30 coupe. With the debut of the INFINITI Total Ownership Experience®, we quickly gain recognition as leaders in customer satisfaction.

VQ Engine

Presenting the VQ Engine

1995: Vehicle Advancement

A thrilling new V6 engine family is introduced: the VQ series. Designed for optimal power, torque and fuel consumption, the VQ ranks as one of Ward’s 10 Best Engines for the next 14 years – an unrivalled achievement. This is the predecessor of the INFINITI Twin Turbo V6.

Our Owners Club

Activating Our Owners Club

1999: Company Evolution

After a decade of growth, the INFINITI Owners Club is introduced as an addition to our Total Ownership Experience®. With it, owners get access to exclusive offers and exciting travel opportunities. Extending mobility beyond the driver’s seat.

Refined Reversal

2001: Vehicle Advancement

Introducing a more intuitive way to reverse. Our RearView Monitor reveals a different perspective, using external cameras to bring what’s behind your vehicle into view on your in-dash display.

Voice Recognition

Pioneering Voice Recognition

2002: Vehicle Advancement

Another year leads to greater progress in our connective technologies. With the advent of INFINITI Voice Recognition, you can take command of your vehicle’s settings without removing your hands from the wheel.

Voice Recognition

Growing With Distinction

2003: Company Evolution

January sees an invigorating development. Our G35 Sport Sedan and Sport Coupe are ranked among Car and Driver’s Ten Best Cars. By November, INFINITI is the fastest growing luxury brand in the United States.



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