Thank you Arkansas Bimmers

I want thank all of the Arkansas Bimmer peeps for coming today! It’s a true treasure meeting y’all! I try not to be to salezie on here, but I truly love BMW because it evokes a true passion for driving and BMW drivers are so very passionate people. I can’t speak the older model lingo as well yet – but I enjoy listening and meeting each and everyone of you! We have an amazing team BMW of Little Rock from Lem, Will P, Reed, Kyle, Kyle, Eric, Will F&I, Cody, Gary Gray, Service & Parts, Manny, tons more! We are all here to help you with whatever you need. Please feel free to come by and visit, tour, drive and explore anytime. I’m looking forward to so many great inspiring and informative relationships with y’all! I truly enjoyed today so much. Thank you!

Find them on:

Desiree Lovell

BMW of Little Rock

4621 Colonel Glenn Plaza Dr.

Little Rock, AR 72210

ph: 501-224-3200

direct: 501-907-0206

cell: 501-317-5442



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