Thank you!

I want to thank a lot of special people in my life…the car business is a lot of fun but at times can be very, very stressful.  I want to thank all of my great clients because each and everyone I meet and greet have made a positive impact on me.  I hope each of you know how special you are to me!

People in the car business…

“just in the last month…”

  1. Joel Washock – Thank you for helping my daughter at FORD in Benton with her car…and thanks for helping me with creepy guys at Toyota!  Find him @ Landers Ford in Benton!
  2. Barrett McAlister – Thank you for being an outstanding guy who strives to always provide the best for each client…you have an amazing memory for names!  You are a caring and just an all around amazing person to have in my life! Thank you. Heath Campbell is an inspiration.  Find Barrett @Mercedes-Benz of Little Rock.
  3. William Anderson and Lem Wilson who have been a positive in my car career from the very beginning to the very end of whatever I have been doing…you guys  -you know what I mean… @BMW of Little Rock.
  4. Matt Ingram and Leann Otts & Barbara… you all are so great!  I don’t know where to begin.  Thank you for making my days so great at OMJLR!  Jason in Finance, Jon, Susan, Angie, Aaron, MATT MATT, and Alex you guys rock! Drew thank you for the quick lunch!

Clients / Friends…

  1. To all the ones I did not post on here you are very important to me and thank you for being a part of my automotive career!
  2. Anne Dyke thank you so much for the tremendous appreciation and the gift…I normally don’t buy myself anything for Christmas and now I did.  I made my order and very blessed! Thank you!  It’s truly a pleasure knowing and working for you!
  3. Byran Ryhard thank you so much for being such a patience and cool client!  I’m always here for you no matter what you need!  Have a great and marvelous Christmas!
  4. Rick Anderson – thank you!  I cannot express how much it means to me that you wrote the president of Land Rover. Thank you for your guidance and help!
  5. Joey Rowland and Candy thank you both!
  6. Greg Hunter, Gwen Matthews, TJ McMahon, Monica Adams, Steve Gafner, Kathy Hardison, Eddie Martin, Geoffrey Rinehart, Mary Coleman, Spencer Elmen, Bob Huff, Anette& Bob Richey, Freda Rushing -love our talks, Cathy Keener, Sterling Fikes, Eduardo Marquez, Russ McDonough, John Bettis, Bob Gladden, Jim Causon, Jessica Hulsey, Shri, Grant Clark, Jeff Burks, Mike Vega, Greg Norris, Eddie Martin, Doug Henricks, Cameron Kuhn, Keith Richardson, Jim Smith, Misty Gaston, Tim Ester, Keith Cooper, Grady McCorkle, G Konis, Gary, Eugenio Borbon, Michael Fox, George Easley, Gerard Newsom, Beth Clay, Rollin Caristianos, John Lopez, Lori Dailey, Phyllis -you know, Mr. & Mrs. Howard, C & T Lee, Don & Mary THONE :), Bettie Tolefree, J Lineberry, Ahmed, Kay Anderson, Carrie Bell, Gary Millican, Emmanuel Negron,  Dean Garvin, Ben Rowley, Vanessa Clark, Tracy Ring, Kim Jablonski, Nancy Miller, C Minton, Charolette Gaines, Ramez Nairooz, Daniel Sherbet, Graham Smith- there are some many great and kind clients I’ve met in the past that have helped me grow and excel in the auto industry.  Thank you for all of the good times and great experiences!

If I missed your name, I’m sorry!  Please know that you can call me anytime if you need anything!   My email is Forgive the typos and grammar errors  -thank you!thankyou

Desiree Lovell

cell: 501-317-5442

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