Great Quotes From Great Golfers

Here are 10 of the summit’s most memorable leadership quotes to tee up your own inspiration:
“If you consistently worry about a glass ceiling you can’t break, you will be your own brake.” -Condoleezza Rice

“Leadership is a journey, and you never arrive.”-Lynn Good, Duke Energy President and CEO

“Figure out your weakness and don’t make it your weakness anymore.”-Stacy Lewis, professional golfer

“If everything was given to you, it wouldn’t feel as good when you achieve it.”– Annika Sorenstam, retired professional golfer

“If you don’t have the right human capital, there is no way to succeed.”-John Veihmeyer, KPMG Global Chairman

“Embrace the detours you are on, because great leadership lessons can come from them.” -Lynn Good

“We all have the power to influence somebody. . . in five minutes you can change someone’s life. If you embrace it, it can be a powerful thing.”-Stacy Lewis

“If you want to play, you have to play with boys. If you want to stick around, you have to beat them.”-Annika Sorenstam

“How you handle failure determines how successful you will be.”-Muffet McGraw, Notre Dame Head Women’s Basketball Coach

“Truly remarkable leadership is not just about motivating others to follow, it’s about inspiring them to become leaders themselves and setting the stage for even greater opportunities for future generations.”-Condoleezza Rice
Credit to: Mandy Antoniacci

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